As the third quarter ends, I feel the market is doing well in Bent Tree. I wanted to share with you some of the current statistics in this email.
Current Inventory:
Currently there are 60 homes listed as “Active” on the market.  There are 15 that are “Pending” or more commonly known as “under contract”.  Here is the range break down for the homes that are active:
$500K+ :           2
$400K-$499K:  8
$300K-$399K: 23
$200K-$299K: 16
$100K-$199K:  11
There are currently no homes listed under $100K.  
This is the range break down for the homes currently under contract:
Over $400K: 1
$300Ks:        2
$200K’s:       3
$100K’s:       8
Under $100K:  1
As you can see, if your home is priced in the $300K category, you have some competition.  And as you can see from the “under contract” ranges, the homes in the $100K’s are the ones getting the action.  Our average selling price is $221,551 which is slightly down from the beginning of the year when we peaked at roughly $240,000.
There have been 85 homes closed so far this year for a volume of $19,053,401.  In 2018 we closed 95 homes for a volume of $20,097,221 so we are well on track to pass our 2018 sales with three months left in the selling year.  The break down for closings are as follows:
Over $500K:         1
$400K’s                 3
$300K’s:              15
$200K’s:              22
$100K’s:              39
Under $100K:        5
Lake homes lead the way as far as price per square footage at $133 per square foot.  We were close to $140 per square foot until a Neighbor-to-Neighbor sale happened that was well below market value and dropped the average.  View homes come in next at $109 per square foot.  Golf course homes are seeing $103 per square foot and all other homes are sitting at $102 per square foot.  There have been five foreclosures so far this year and they are selling at $69 per square foot.  
Craft continues to lead the way in sales and listings as we have for many, many years.  We have close to $6,000,000 in sales and currently have 19 of the homes listed (32% of the market).  Our closest competitor doesn’t even have half of our sales.  So all of us at Craft are working hard marketing not only your homes but Bent Tree as well.  We truly believe in the beauty and wonder our neighborhood offers.  As always, we want to thank you so very much for trusting us with the sales and marketing of your home.