2018 was a record breaking year for Bent Tree and we look forward to another very prosperous and record breaking 2019.  

Here is a sales recap of 2018 for Bent Tree. Hopefully this information will be encouraging for all of you. I have included the sales for 2017 as a comparison.

                         2017                        2018
Total Sales      $18,532,772.00   $20,097,221.00
Number of Homes Sold  95                 95
Average Selling Price  $195,082.00   $211,550.00
Percentage of List Price  94%               95%
Price Per Square Foot:
Regular Homes     $85.00                   $99.00
Lake Homes        $118.00                 $126.00
Golf Homes           $92.00                   $92.00
View Homes          $88.00                 $115.00
Villas                    $82.00                   $84.00
Foreclosures          $56.00                   $68.00

Again, Craft, Inc. led the pack in sales. There were 45 brokerages involved in the 95 transactions. Here are the figures for the top five brokerages.*

Craft, Inc                   $6,112,350.00
Harry Norman             $3,524,900.00
Keller Williams             $2,852,900.00
Berkshire Hathaway     $2,794,900.00
515 Life                      $2,243,700.00

*In compiling the figures, each brokerage was given full credit for the sales price. For example, if Craft sold a house for $200,000 and the buyer’s agent was Harry Norman, both Craft and Harry Norman were given the full credit of $200,000 for purposes of this chart.

There are currently 46 active homes on the market and here is the price range breakdown. Craft, Inc. has 15 of the 46 listed. Our nearest competitor has eight listed. 

Price Range Breakdown
Over $500K4

(There are three homes currently under contract that are not included in the above figures since they are not “active” but under contract.)

I hope these figures give you a little bit of insight into the market in Bent Tree.